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​We Teach You How to Sell Your House Without a Realtor

How DomoVendo Works



  • Interview our instructors. We recommend to talk to at leas two instructors
  • Enjoy relaxed, friendly, no-hard-sale atmosphere 
  • Chose the best or let them bid for your business. Our monthly fees are ridiculously low


  • Log in to our free site (see screenshots below) to learn more about the sales process and see offers from vendors and service providers that are eager to help you sell
  • Participate in the forum with other sellers going through the same process at the same time


  • Follow expert-developed step by step marketing program
  • Consult with your instructor whenever needed
  • Bring vendors from our marketplace to help with staging, marketing, showings and open houses
  • Sell like a PRO


  • Do the closing by using wither attorney or titles company that you can find on our site
  • If you do not sell by yourself and want to engage an agent we will not only help you to find the best one, but also work with her, so she credit the money you already spend through DomoVendo against her commission.

​DomoVendo Frequently Asked Questions

DomoVendo FAQ

Your average FSBO company generally does two things:

• It resells a few of commodity services like placement in MLS and yard signs, and

• Lists FSBO listings on their websites.

Both of these services are of limited use. You can buy an MLS listing more cheaply if you just search the web, and it is much better to use sale sites like Zillow to personally control the content.

While DomoVendo will also match you with reliable vendors, we are much more than that: DomoVendo will guide you through the whole selling process with minimum risk. However, the single most important difference is that most of our competitors rely on the seller not being fully informed about how the industry works or what services are provided. Our instructors will show you the ropes and tell the whole story, so you can make an informed and profitable decision.
Whenever you sell your home, the real estate agent is paid a negotiated percentage of the sale price. On average, agents charge 5 to 6% with half going to the selling agent and another half going to the buy-side agent. If the buyer is not represented, your listing agent will take the entire fee. Selling your home without a listing agent or a buy-side agent instantly saves you 6% of the total selling price of your house. For a house sold for $300,000 that’s a savings of $18,000. You might choose to pay a buy-side agent commission, this is a selling strategy that you will discuss in detail with your instructor.
First, no seller should rely on legal advice from an agent to begin with. Whether or not you’re selling your home with a real estate agent, you should always have an attorney involved to review your paperwork and to ensure you are properly protected. With DomoVendo, our instructors will advise you on how to select and hire an attorney, how much to pay, and what to expect while working with one.

Secondly, we have a network of real estate attorneys that will provide you with a personal, one-on-one, 30 minute legal consultation for a nominal fee. This consultation will most likely be sufficient for you to deal with basic legal questions. If you decide to hire the attorney for more extensive counsel, that fee is applied as a credit toward any further legal expenses.
Numerous studies have shown that there is no difference between the price of houses sold with or without a real estate agent. This means that in reality, if you use a listing agent 100% of their fee will come directly out of your pocket. For an independent view on the subject, take a look at this article.
Selling your house without an agent is not an undertaking that everyone is willing to dive into. However, we make test-driving the program easy:

• DomoVendo offers a 30 day free trial for our guided programs (a $199 value). If during your free trial you find you have zero interest in moving forward, you're free to cancel at any time.

• We offer a “money-back-guarantee” under which the money you spent with us can be credited against commissions of real estate agents that participate in our network, and

• In some cases, DomoVendo will provide the financing to get your home ready for sale, to be repaid from the proceeds at closing. Stay tuned for our product launch announcement and instructions on how to enroll.

We guarantee that in few short weeks you will either be well on your way to selling your house or be well prepared to work with an agent.
You're right to take pricing your home seriously, but the good news is that our instructors have done it hundreds of times. They may not be familiar with your specific property but they know the process very well and will guide you to the best resources to use. In addition, since their compensation does not come out of the sales proceeds, you will get truly independent advice on how to proceed.
Yes, because DomoVendo provides expert tips, tricks and styling recommendations for staging and showing so you get the most buyers interested in your property and can sell your home quickly for the right price. We also match you with professional staging experts in your area.

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Familiar interface and instant response. Jump on the phone if there are questions. Our highly experienced instructors will provide you with personalized guidance throughout the entire process of selling your home. It's like hiring your own sales coach! 

After first introductory phone conversation during which the instructor will take time to understand your goals and unique circumstances related to your property you and him/her will be communicating mostly via text messages or emails. Having support of a professional will give you confidence and  guidance at a fraction of the cost of a full service or even a discount broker. 

​Choose Your Instructor!

View ​DomoVendo's Instructors

Our highly experienced instructors will provide you with personalized guidance throughout the entire process of selling your home. It's like hiring your own sales coach! Each instructor brings his or her unique style and experience to the program, ​but the core curriculum ​is standardized across instructors and designed to be comprehensive, actionable, and easy to follow. Class sizes are limited to just 20 seats per instructor. View our instructors' profiles to see who'd you like to work with.

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